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How We Work

Empire Asset Management Group is a process-oriented firm. Our philosophy focuses on meeting client objectives while managing risk. We understand our clients’ needs by performing a purposeful approach when first getting acquainted with them and later discovering the issues that matter most in their lives. This tailored approach ultimately helps us offer solutions by connecting our clients’ needs with products and services from leading companies in the fields of investment, insurance, and information management.

Get Acquainted Conversation

We generally start our process with an open and informal conversation where we determine if there is a good match between our capabilities and your priorities. By learning about each other, it will become clear where we can best assist. If we have determined we are a good fit for each other, we provide you with a confidential wealth profile that you’ll complete prior to our next meeting. This profile addresses the basic elements of your income, assets, concerns, and goals.

Discovery Session

Once we have had the opportunity to review your confidential wealth profile, we meet to dive further into your entire financial landscape. We evaluate your current financial situation, prioritize your goals and needs, and identify any gaps. This meeting is designed to help us determine which of our three offerings may best benefit you. Depending on your needs, we engage you in one or more of the following areas:

The Investment Connection

For those focused on building and managing their wealth, we connect you with the appropriate investment solutions. We believe your portfolio allocation should be driven by your financial goals and risk tolerance. By taking the information you provide us, we match each goal to an investment allocation strategy designed to meet your needs. This highly structured approach to your portfolio is less concerned with chasing the markets and more focused on pursuing your specific goals.

The Protection Center

A key element of building and preserving wealth is protecting it. We offer you solutions to your risks and goals in the areas of life insurance, long-term care insurance, and disability income insurance. We maintain our value to you by “connecting” your needs to appropriate solutions. In doing so, we use independent insurance brokerage companies that offer numerous insurance offerings.

The Information Center

We offer you a user-friendly platform that assists with data organization and centralization. Through this program, you can aggregate all of your financial accounts, insurance policies, and personal documents in one online secure site. We have the ability to create topic-specific reports and have in-depth discussions with you to better meet your objectives. By offering this additional insight, we strive to help you understand your investment and insurance opportunities and feel confident in your decision-making.