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Our Firm

Empire Asset Management Group was founded in 2002 with the desire to form a team of financial advisors and trusted professionals that collaborate to design comprehensive and personalized strategies for each and every client. Fast forward more than a decade and Empire Asset Management Group has transformed into an ensemble firm serving clients on every level of their investment, insurance, and financial organization needs. While we have built a diverse team and extensive service offerings that is on par with large, national firms, we provide the personalized approach and caring nature of a community practice.

Today, we continue to grow by upholding our five core values of integrity, care, enthusiasm, simplicity, and efficiency. We are honest in our recommendations, caring and enthusiastic in our client relationships, and committed to offering simple, efficient, and understandable financial recommendations. Our mission “connection through simplicity” serves as the foundation of our practice. We strive to offer the insight, wisdom, and knowledge clients need to make confident and informed financial decisions.

While some firms focus on chasing unsustainable high market returns and portfolio performance, we are more focused on helping clients pursue their specific goals throughout life. We are not only passionate about the intricacies of financial solutions, but we also enjoy seeing the results of our work and how we have positively impacted the lives of so many people.