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Our Investment Philosophy

Despite working hard all of their life to build their wealth, many people never feel financially secure. Too often, they see stories in the news and articles online that offer contradictory advice or worrisome claims about the future of the economy. As a result, you may not know what you need to do for your specific situation. When can you realistically retire? Are you adequately protected? Are you financially organized? Do you understand how your multiple financial strategies work together?

Wealth ContinuumOur group's mission is “connection through simplicity.” We want to simplify your financial and investment strategies, answer your questions in plain English, and help you feel more at ease and confident when you leave our office. When it comes to investing, we forgo chasing the markets for high returns and instead focus on a more sound investment philosophy. Regardless of your position on the Wealth Continuum, we view your holdings in three major buckets. Each works to support the others, and each is geared to a specific time horizon.

The Cash Bucket contains liquid assets for emergencies and short-term expenses. The Income Bucket holds investment funds with an emphasis on income, and it replenishes the Cash Bucket when needed. The Accumulation Bucket contains the remainder of your reserves, allocated to historically higher-returning investments. While this bucket will be impacted more by market cycles, it is designed for long-term growth. This reserve is used to replenish the Income Bucket as needed.

Wealth Buckets

In following this approach, we strive to help our clients understand how their money and financial strategies work. We believe that this bucket strategy can help you better maintain financial balance and feel confident in knowing you are on track with your plan, whether you’re actively building wealth or transitioning into retirement.

Empire Asset Management Group does not create separate accounts for each of the Cash, Income and Accumulation buckets; rather, each bucket is represented by an unsegregated portion of your accounts, the corresponding amounts of which shall depend upon your investment objective(s).